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Finishing Equipment technologies include sprayguns, manual and automatic conventional, HVLP, compliant, Airless and Air assisted types, Pressure feed cups and tanks, Stainless, mild and Aluminium steels.

Coatings, regulations, employee safety, environmental awareness ... the challenges to your business and bottom line never end.

In 1907, DeVilbiss first began setting the industry standards for liquid coating applications. Today, as the global leader in fine atomization, DeVilbiss continues product development upgrades to push the boundaries of spray finishing technology with the advanced breakthroughs in our new Compact™ Performance Series.

Designed for Superior Finish Performance

  • Compact’s design results in a laminar, or streamlined, flow of air allowing for efficient and effective atomization.
  • Using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), the air flow in the new Compact Spray Gun is modeled to reduce turbulence and enhance the atomization process.
  • Compact provides a superior finish with the highest transfer efficiency rates.

The Best Atomization and Paint Savings

Compact Automatic I & X spray guns — are available with HVLP and Trans-Tech Atomization technologies for optimum output and paint savings...

  • Significant paint savings
  • Highest levels of atomization
  • High speed application flow rates of up to 600cc/min
  • Optimum coverage and paint usage

Compact Automatic I and X Spray Guns with “Advanced Conventional” Air Caps outperform the rest

  • Uniquely designed high capacity airflow
  • Ideal for small operations or high volume industrial spraying
  • Advanced Conventional Atomization atomizes the most difficult spray materials

Built for Ergonomic Comfort, Energy Savings and Environmental Responsibility

  • Small and lightweight reducing operator fatigue
  • New curved handle for operator comfort
  • Increased finger space for easy access
  • Reduced trigger tension increasing operator comfort
  • Lower air consumption and pressures
  • Easy to clean with fewer parts
  • Handles solvent and waterborne materials including high solids and 2k