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BITEC is the Distributor of Trelawny in UAE. Trelawny is the worlds leading manufacturer of pneumatic needle scalers, and has built its reputation on offering quality engineered tools and equipment to provide solutions for our customer's applications, including:

Floor preparation, grinding and polishing
Corrosion and coatings removal
Concrete and stone dressing
Deck and tank de-scaling
Vibration management
Local area tamping
Compound mixing
Dust control

Manufacture a range of air tools including needle guns scaling hammers and long reach scaler. The needle gun can be supplied with spark-free needle for use in hazardous areas.

With over fifty years experience in the design, manufacture and sales of surface preparation equipment , TRELAWNY has earned a reputation of providing tough tools for tough jobs. TRELAWNY Tools are available through a professional network of distributors world wide covering over 60 countries world wide.

The TRELAWNY range of tools and equipment are an effective method of cleaning, by mechanical means, a wide range of floors, walls and substrates in an environmentally acceptable fashion. Vacuums, dust collectors and tools shrouds complete the TVSTM system for general applications and specialist areas such as: Nuclear waste containment in de-commissioning, lead based paint removal on bridge & rail refurbishment. ATEX approved equipment for use in potentially explosive.

Multi Headed Scaler

Scale Force Eleven is ideally suited for thick coating removal and surface preparation on large areas of deck and tank floor cleaning, complimenting the hand held scaling hammer range. Eleven heads impacting at 3000 blows per minute break down the hardest coatings. A durable light weight shroud is available where control of dust is necessary. Consult Trelawny for proper vacuum sizing.

Pneumatic Needle Scalers

Pneumatic Needle Scalers provide a thorough and effective means of removing coatings, corrosion and other accumulated materials. Also will work on almost any surface, especially irregular ones that are otherwise hard to prepare.

Scaling Hammers

Scaling Hammers, in several distinct versions, are ideal tools to compliment our needle scalers in more demanding applications for surface preparation and coating removal. Heavy duty versions, with special threaded tips and pistons have proven to be the choice for "fracturing" thicker, tough to remove materials. Three styles of cutter heads including Tungsten Carbide tipped cruciform, Tungsten Carbide tipped bush hammer and Berryllium Copper spark-resistant are available.

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