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BITEC is the Distributor of Wagner Products in UAE. WAGNER is the market-leading manufacturer of high tech products and systems for coating and decorating with paints and powder. Our customers are manufacturers, contractors as well as consumers.

Simply Smooth Coatings - The new X-Family

The new WAGNER X-family sets the standard and trend for all kinds of surfaces used today in powder coating. The family includes the perfectly balanced gun PEM-X1, the outstanding manual unit SPRINT as well as the integrated control unit EPG-Sprint X. All components combine the Xtreme features:

  • Efficiency
  • Handling
  • Flexibility
  • Design
PEM-X1 - Unique Desgin
The new WAGNER manual gun PEM-X1 sets the standard and trend for all kinds of surfaces used today in powder coating. The new gun generation improves perfection and precision even further – the product philosophy combines a balanced finesse on all levels with long life expectancy and optimal handling.

Well-balanced ergonomics are based on experience! WAGNER has incorporated this experience in the design of the new gun generation. – Yet again, WAGNER combines first-class design and functionality for perfect finishing solutions.

Your advantages at a glance:
  • High transfer efficiency
  • Perfect coating results
  • Well balanced ergonomic handling
  • Simply and easy maintenance
  • Robust and lightweight design
  • Wide range of accessories
PEM-X1 Cup Gun - for small series and material tests
The powder cup laboratory set is a useful, handy, flexible but yet high-performance equipment for powder coating component parts and small amounts as i.e. needed for laboratory and development purposes.
Special advantages:
  • Compact and always ready-to-use
  • System for perfect results: Due to the precise WAGNER regulation-technology and the gun-integrated dosing system, small amounts of powder can be applied, while still obtaining incredible results.
  • Clear and user friendly: Taking advantage of the simple plugging-system, the powder container is easily attached and handy at the same time.
  • Mobile system with convenient case
PEM-T3 (Tribo)

Perfect solution for difficult part: The powder particles are reliably charged up by friction against the PTFE inner walls and chicanes of the powder duct. This charging system is ideally suited for coating inside Faraday cages!


  • Tribo air to increase the intensity of the frictional charge
  • Excellent penetration power into corners, angles and edges
  • Light and handy: only 500 grams (without connecting leads)
  • Optimal service life for wear parts
  • Equipped with deflector cone as standard
  • Tribo-Cup Gun PEM-TG3
Tribo-Cup Gun PEM-TG3

Die PEM-TG3 Tribo manual powder gun with integrated powder supply via the attached powder cup.


  • Ergonomic design
  • High flexibility
  • High transfer efficiency
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