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BITEC is the Exclusive agent of Dasic Chemicals in Dubai, UAE.

A complete range of Approved Aviation Maintenance Chemicals and Equipment including Environmentally Friendly Exterior / Interior Cleaners,Corrosion inhibiting Compounds, Paint Stripping Formulations.

Aircraft Cleaning Products

Dasic manufactures a comprehensive portfolio of specialist aircraft cleaning and maintenance products since the late 1970s. These range from airframe to cabin and component application solutions.

Exterior Cleaning Products

  • Aerokleen A510: Highly effective aqueous based biodegradable aircraft fuselage cleaner. This product is equally suited to brush, foam or robotic application.(AMS 1526C, BOEING D6-17487 Rev. P)
  • Aerokleen A710: High performance, heavy duty, aqueous based biodegradable aircraft fuselage cleaner. This product is equally suitable for both technical and cosmetic cleaning requirements (AMS 1527C, BOEING D6-17487 Rev. P)
  • Aerokleen CD1: High performance aqueous based biodegradable aircraft fuselage shampoo, designed to meet most exterior cleaning requirements. This product is equally suited to brush, foam or robotic application.(AMS 1526B, BOEING D6-17487 Rev. H, DOUGLAS CSD #1, AIRBUS, BRITISH AEROSPACE, TS 10281, GULFSTREAM, FAIRCHILD DORNIER)
  • Aerokleen A380 Gel: High performance, heavy duty, biodegradable aqueous based gel aircraft exterior cleaner. Unique viscous non streaking product that clings well, dries slowly and has high lubricity even when diluted with water. Contains low toxicity biodegradable synthetic solvent for increased performance (AMS 1527C, BOEING D6-17487 Rev.P)
  • Aerokleen A320 Gel: Heavy duty high viscosity biodegradable aqueous based aircraft exterior cleaner. Unique viscous non streaking product that clings well, dries slowly and has high lubricity even when diluted with water. Contains naturally occurring citrus type additives to boost cleaning performance without compromising on environmental acceptability. (AMS 1526B, AMS 1533A, BOEING D6-17487 Rev. L, DOUGLAS CSD #1, SOUTH AFRICAN AIRWAYS, ROYAL AUSTRALIAN AIR FORCE, FAIRCHILD DORNIER, FOKKER SERVICES BV, DEUTSCHE LUFTHANSA)
  • Aerokleen Aerosolv: Unique heavy duty water dilutable foaming micro emulsion cleaner, offering ultimate performance on heavily contaminated undercarriage or smoke trail areas. (AMS 1527A, AMS 1529A, MIL-C-87936A Type II, AIRBUS)
  • Aerokleen Polish AN2001P: A superior liquid polish intended for use on large surface areas where an easily removable non-blooming product is essential. Water dilutable for use with robotic equipment.(AMS 1650B, BOEING D6-17487, DOUGLAS CSD#1, FAIRCHILD DORNIER)

Interior Cleaning Products

  • Aerokleen B: Cabin cleaner concentrate that’s a low foaming wipe-on/wipe-off biodegradable product which is professionally reodorised to ensure a fresh and clean aircraft interior.(AMS 1550A, BRITISH AEROSPACE)
  • Aerokleen B Plus: Concentrate biocidal product developed for use in galley and other areas to assist in the achievement of hygienic germ-free surfaces. Biodegradable and professionally reodorised. (AMS 1453)

Aircraft Paint Removers:
Dasic provides a wide range of options and benefits depending upon your needs, from delivering maximum coverage and efficiency with minimum impact on the environment, to water based solutions that are free of phenolic material and chlorinated hydrocarbons.

Application Paint Strippers
  • Aerostrip: Unique high performance water based paint stripper which works faster on conventional aircraft paint schemes than many acid activated materials. The products are slow drying and completely free from both phenolic materials and chlorinated hydrocarbons. Aerostrip offers maximum coverage and efficiency combined with a minimum impact on the environment. (INTERNATIONAL PATENT HELD) (Boeing D6 – 17487 Rev. P)
  • D23V: High performance, general use phenolic paint remover. Industry standard product for use on polyurethane and epoxy paint schemes. Safe for use on all commonly encountered aircraft alloys. (AMS 1375B, BOEING D6-17487, DOUGLAS CSD #1, LOCKHEED MARTIN EPS G32.233, MIL-R-81294C, BRITISH AEROSPACE, TS 10271, GULFSTREAM, SOUTH AFRICAN AIRWAYS)
  • D223: Approved acid activated phenolic paint remover, developed to remove amine cured epoxy coating systems that cannot be satisfactorily removed with conventional alkaline epoxy strippers.(MIL-R-81903 (AS) Type II, GULFSTREAM)
  • D83: Non-phenolic paint stripper, particularly effective on acrylic and sacrificial/barrier coat systems. (AMS 1375, MIL-R-25134B, DEF STAN 80-16/2, BRITISH AEROSPACE)
  • D283: Acid activated paint stripper, primarily intended for removing amine-cured epoxy coating systems from aluminium alloys, particularly where use of phenol containing products such as Dasic D223 are restricted. (AMS 1376A)
Immersion paint removers
  • D53: Heavy duty ambient temperature immersion paint and carbon remover for the removal of many varied types of paint schemes and carbon deposits. Use as part of Dasic Paintblast System for maximum effectiveness. (MIL-C-19853A, DEF STAN 80-20, ROLLS ROYCE UK232 SECT.178G, MIL-R-83936B - corrosion requirements, BOEING D6-17487 Rev J - corrosion requirements, titanium)
  • Paintblast D103: Specially processed and naturally occurring ligno-cellulose material designed for use with the Dasic Paintblast System. This material is considerably softer than plastic media and does not fuse onto substrate surfaces. It is, therefore, also a viable alternative to conventional dry stripping processes
  • The Dasic Paintblast System: The Dasic Paintblast System provides the complete package for the removal of chemically resistant coatings from complex aircraft components with maximum ease and without causing substrate damage. The Paintblast System utilises a choice of two immersion materials, either Dasic D53 or Dasic D560, followed by a water rinse and then a low pressure impact treatment in a cabinet utilising Dasic Paintblast D103 media. (BRITISH AEROSPACE, BRITISH AIRWAYS, GKN WESTLAND HELICOPTERS)
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